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I do like that Azure is integrating Linux.

The datacentre does sound amazing.

However, my top concern is that OGI can not guarantee a connection between our offices and the datacentre. (Understandably not feasible).


If you had iGels / dumb terminals that connected directly to the cloud and your firewall, switch or internet connection has a fault then you could end up being completely unable to do anything until it is resolved.


Personally, I always want the most redundant solution; local servers synchronising with cloud.

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Great points made - and welcome to the Forum!


I’ve done a few loops round many a boardroom table on the cloud vs local debate. As you rightly point out - you can have as much redundancy as you want in the Datacentre - but what about accessing it in the first place?


As you mention, if you only have 1 firewall / switch / leased line / then there’s a point of failure inbuilt. Just because it’s “cloud” doesn’t mean to say it’s “Safe”


And let’s just overlook the whole local and remote SLAs to go with any architecture.





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Posted (edited)

We recently revisted migrating to Mobius.

  • There is no local server hosting.
  • It is limited to consumer only.
  • We frequently get news flashes that there are problems with the current Open-I Cloud solutions.
  • Performance is worse with Exchange 365 than locally hosted Exchange 2013 (that we previously had). 
  • Integrated products, Open Attach working with Outlook and thefore MS mainframes has been frustrating and cost us a lot in productivity.

We might revisit this in two years time. I doubt I will be recommending it as the way forward at that time.

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24 minutes ago, GremlinIT said:

a full OGI buffet


LOL 😆 - I've heard their software called somethings, but never this!


Anybody who is an entrenched OGI User would find Mobius falling short in lots of areas methinks and tbf - it's not meant as a replacement.


I was told once, the answer to the question "what are the differences / what are the gaps?" was met with "It's irrelevant - they are different".


Not sure that approach would ever win over any existing Core user

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It was initially fired across our bow as a full replacement, something that would address all the shortcomings of Tripos + Java and Open-I would be phased out in a few years. Those few years have already come and gone of course. 

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